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Noon van der Silk Mar 08 2017 04:45 UTC

I feel that while the proliferation of GUNs is unquestionable a good idea, there are many unsupervised networks out there that might use this technology in dangerous ways. Do you think Indifferential-Privacy networks are the answer? Also I fear that the extremist binary networks should be banned entirely from this field. Interested in your thoughts; thanks!

Noon van der Silk Jan 05 2017 04:51 UTC (1 points)

This is a cool paper!

Noon van der Silk in reply to Māris Ozols Mar 09 2016 00:29 UTC

I don't even really see the point of a journal. Maybe we could adapt SciRate to have a little collection of longer reviews/editorials/etc associated to each article (like comments).

What do you think a journal would offer over SciRate itself? I.e. if the potential paper reviewers would just instead post their thoughts as these "reviews" here, then you could just watch for new reviews, and bypass any publishing process and so on.

Noon van der Silk Jan 27 2016 03:39 UTC (1 points)

Great institute name ...

Noon van der Silk in reply to John Bryden Aug 22 2015 00:59 UTC (1 points)

Note that it's not possible to submit papers to SciRate directly; this site simply aggregates information from other sites. However, I've added an issue relating to potentially marking withdrawn papers -

Noon van der Silk Aug 12 2015 05:30 UTC

Relevant: &

Noon van der Silk in reply to Perplexed Platypus Jul 16 2015 00:24 UTC (1 points)

You can always make suggestions on the GitHub project pages' [issue list]( I've included this one here:

Noon van der Silk Jul 13 2015 10:44 UTC

There's some code for this here:

Noon van der Silk in reply to Steve Flammia Mar 03 2015 03:45 UTC (5 points)

The system works. Machine learners hate him.

Noon van der Silk Mar 03 2015 03:20 UTC (4 points)

I took the liberty of uploading the IPython notebook as a github [gist](, so it's viewable [here](

Noon van der Silk Dec 11 2014 22:35 UTC (1 points)

I'm pretty sure this first author was just entirely made up ...; but is the error in the name intentional? Weird!

Noon van der Silk Mar 08 2014 04:19 UTC (1 points)

For fun, I created the following IPython notebook replicating the graphs in this paper:

(Actually, it's on the sagemath cloud, where if you have an account you can probably edit it -

Noon van der Silk Jan 10 2014 16:26 UTC

Interestingly, another thematically-similar paper popped up today - (posting the link here as I assume not many people are subbed to cs.DL)

Noon van der Silk Nov 15 2013 00:02 UTC

> BTW, is this a record high on Scirate?

Not yet. Click the "1y" link, for example, to see the highest scited of the year ...

Noon van der Silk Sep 04 2013 23:55 UTC

Part of the standard equipment for playing bosonic baseball? It's a good game, but it's hard to know who's playing.

Noon van der Silk Jun 22 2013 01:22 UTC

Thanks Anthony and Juan.

There's another blog post on this here:

Noon van der Silk Jun 20 2013 07:29 UTC

This paper seems pretty interesting, really. (In how it would relate to the algorithm of Shor). Does anyone know more about this work? Is it possible to improve the restriction on the characteristic size? Is that even an important restriction?