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    This paper presents an estimator for semiparametric models that uses a feed-forward neural network to fit the nonparametric component. Unlike many methodologies from the machine learning literature, this approach is suitable for longitudinal/panel data. It provides unbiased estimation of the parametric component of the model, with associated confidence intervals that have near-nominal coverage rates. It is further shown that this model and estimator nests a nonparametric heterogeneous treatment effects model and estimator, which can consistently estimate individualized treatment effects conditional on covariates. Simulations demonstrate (1) efficiency, (2) that parametric estimates are unbiased, and (3) coverage properties of estimated intervals. An application section demonstrates the method by predicting county-level corn yield using daily weather data from the period 1981-2015, along with parametric time trends representing technological change. The method is shown to out-perform linear methods such as OLS and ridge/lasso, as well as random forest. The procedures described in this paper are implemented in the R package panelNNET.

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Noon van der Silk Jan 27 2016 03:39 UTC

Great institute name ...

Chris Granade Sep 22 2015 19:15 UTC

Thank you for the kind comments, I'm glad that our paper, source code, and tutorial are useful!

Travis Scholten Sep 21 2015 17:05 UTC

This was a really well-written paper! Am very glad to see this kind of work being done.

In addition, the openness about source code is refreshing. By explicitly relating the work to [QInfer](, this paper makes it more easy to check the authors' work. Furthe

Chris Granade Sep 15 2015 02:40 UTC

As a quick addendum, please note that the [supplementary video]( for this work is available [on YouTube]( Thank you!