Simultaneous classical-quantum capacities of quantum multiple access channels


The rates at which classical and quantum information can be simultaneously transmitted from two spatially separated senders to a single receiver over an arbitrary quantum channel are characterized. Two main results are proved in detail. The first describes the region of rates at which one sender can send classical information while the other sends quantum information. The second describes those rates at which both senders can send quantum information. For each of these situations, an example of a channel is given for which the associated region admits a single-letter description. This is the author's Ph.D. dissertation, submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University in March, 2005. It represents an expanded version of the paper quant-ph/0501045, containing a number of tutorial chapters which may be of independent interest for those learning about quantum Shannon theory.
Submitted 6 Jun 2005 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 7 Jun 2005
Author comments: 156 pages, 1 figure