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    The longstanding notion of stripe incommensurability being proportional to doping, \delta(x) ~ x, in lanthanum transition-metal oxides, La_2-xSr_xTmO_4 (Tm = Cu, Ni, Co), is partly borne out by experiment but also plagued with exceptions. Future neutron-scattering experiments on cobaltates could provide a clear distinction whether a linear or square-root dependence, \delta(x) ~ sqrt(x - x_0), is valid.
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    We proof the consistency of the different approaches for deriving the black-hole radiation for the spherically symmetric case inside the theory of massive gravity. By comparing the results obtained by using the Bogoliubov transformations with those obtained by using the path-integral formulation, we find that in both cases the presence of the extra-degrees of freedom create the effect of extra-particles creation due to the distortions on the notions of time defined by the different observers at large scales. This however does not mean extra-particle creation at the horizon level.

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Ovidiu Racorean Oct 05 2016 10:31 UTC

Spinning black holes are capable to implement complex quantum information processes with qubits encoded in the X-ray photons emitted by the accretion disk.

malik matwi May 27 2016 20:48 UTC

I have a question, relates to:
However, since the non-gravitational physics has been accurately explained by the principles of quantum mechanics, it seems necessary that General Relativity is merged with quantum mechanics.
but the quantum principles at first emerged from boundary conditions in th

malik matwi May 22 2016 22:42 UTC

at first I tried to satisfy the chiral symmetry, in that place, I thought that the chiral symmetry breaking is due to vacuum classical polarization, and this problem is solved by dual behavior of fields, some of these notes are in the first paper

malik matwi May 18 2016 18:19 UTC

at first I tried to remove x1=x2 from the propagation

the propagation modification is legal according to remove x1=x2
to satisfy the symmetries I related that modification to dual fields behavior, as I think

Michal Oszmaniec Dec 05 2014 07:04 UTC

A very similar problem was considered in detail in

Frederico Pfrimer Aug 23 2012 20:08 UTC

This might be ground breaking on quantum foundations.

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