Atomic and Molecular Clusters (physics.atm-clus)

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    We present the results of classical molecular dynamics simulations of collision-induced fusion and fragmentation of C$_{60}$ fullerenes, performed by means of the MBN Explorer software package. The simulations provide information on the structural differences of the fused compound depending on kinematics of the collision process. The analysis of fragmentation dynamics at different initial conditions shows that the size distributions of molecular fragments produced are peaked for dimers, which is in agreement with a well-established mechanism of C$_{60}$ fragmentation via preferential C$_2$ emission. The results are compared with experimental time-of-flight distributions of molecular fragments and with earlier theoretical studies. Considering the widely explored case study of C$_{60}$-C$_{60}$ collisions, we demonstrate broad capabilities of the MBN Explorer software, which can be utilized for studying collisions of a broad variety of nanoscale and biomolecular systems.