Chaotic Dynamics (nlin.CD)

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    Using diagrammatic techniques, we provide an explicit proof of the single ring theorem, including the recent extension for the correlation function built out of left and right eigenvectors of a non-Hermitian matrix. We present the operational formalism allowing to map mutually the two distinct areas of free random variables: Hermitian positive definite operators and non-normal R-diagonal operators, realized as the large size limit of biunitarily invariant random matrices.
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    A Bayesian data assimilation scheme is formulated for advection-dominated or hyperbolic evolutionary problems, and observations. The method is referred to as the dynamic likelihood filter because it exploits the model physics to dynamically update the likelihood with the aim of making better use of low uncertainty sparse observations. The filter is applied to a problem with linear dynamics and Gaussian statistics, and compared to the exact estimate, a model outcome, and the Kalman filter estimate. Its estimates are shown to be superior to the model outcomes and the Kalman estimate, when the observation system is sparse. The added computational expense of the method is linear in the number of observations and thus computationally efficient, suggesting that the method is practical even if the space dimensions of the physical problem are large.

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