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    This paper is motivated by the recent demonstration of three-wave mixing based phononic frequency comb. While the previous experiments have shown the existence of three-wave mixing pathway in a system of two-coupled phonon modes, this work demonstrates a similar pathway in a system of three-coupled phonon modes. The paper also presents a number of interesting experimental facts concomitant to the three-mode three-wave mixing based frequency comb observed in a specific micromechanical device. The experimental validation of three-mode three-wave mixing along with the previous demonstration of two-mode three-wave mixing points to the ultimate possibility of multimode frequency combs.
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    We prove that the doubly lambda-deformed sigma-models, which include integrable cases, are canonically equivalent to the sum of two single lambda-deformed models. This explains the equality of the exact beta-functions and current anomalous dimensions of the doubly lambda-deformed sigma-models to those of two single lambda-deformed models. Our proof is based upon agreement of their Hamiltonian densities and of their canonical structure. Subsequently, we show that it is possible to take a well defined non-Abelian type limit of the doubly-deformed action. Last, but not least, by extending the above, we construct multi-matrix integrable deformations of an arbitrary number of WZW models.

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Veaceslav Molodiuc Apr 19 2017 07:26 UTC

Travis Scholten Oct 02 2015 03:25 UTC

Apologies for the delayed reply.

No worries with regards to the code - when it does get released, would you mind pinging me? You can find me on [GitHub](

Nicola Pancotti Sep 23 2015 07:58 UTC

Hi Travis

Yes, that code is related to the work we did and that is my repo. However it is quite outdated. I used that repo for sharing the code with my collaborators. Now we are working for providing a human friendly version, commented and possibly optimized. If you would like to have a working

Travis Scholten Sep 21 2015 17:08 UTC

Has anyone found some source code for the SGD referenced in this paper? I came across a [GitHub repository]( from Nicola Pancotti (at least, I think that is his username, and the code seems to fit with the kind of work described in the paper!). I am not sure