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    Andrei Bely's novel "Petersburg," first published in 1913, was declared by Vladimir Nabokov one of the four greatest masterpieces of 20th-century prose. The Banach-Tarski Paradox, published in 1924, is one of the most striking and well-known results in 20th-century mathematics. In this paper we explore a potential connection between these two landmark works, based on various interactions with the Moscow Mathematical School and passages in the novel itself.
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    This is a biography of Herbert Busemann (1905--1994). The final version will appear in Volume I of the Selected Works of Herbert Busemann (2 volumes, Springer Verlag, to appear in 2017).

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Māris Ozols Dec 27 2016 19:34 UTC

What a nice book! And it's available for free on arXiv!