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    The moduli space $\Delta_{g,w}$ of tropical $w$-weighted stable curves of volume $1$ is naturally identified with the dual complex of the divisor of singular curves in Hassett's spaces of $w$-weighted stable curves. If at least two of the weights are $1$, we prove that $\Delta_{0,w}$ is homotopic to a wedge sum of spheres, possibly of varying dimensions. Under additional natural hypotheses on the weight vector, we establish explicit formulas for the Betti numbers of the spaces. We exhibit infinite families of weights for which the space $\Delta_{0,w}$ is disconnected and for which the fundamental group of $\Delta_{0,w}$ has torsion. In the latter case, the universal cover is shown to have a natural modular interpretation. This places the weighted variant of the space in stark contrast to the heavy/light cases studied previously by Vogtmann and Cavalieri-Hampe-Markwig-Ranganathan. Finally, we prove a structural result relating the spaces of weighted stable curves in genus $0$ and $1$, and leverage this to extend several of our genus $0$ results to the spaces $\Delta_{1,w}$.
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    We express the coefficients of the Hirzebruch L-polynomials in terms of certain alternating multiple zeta values. In particular, we show that every monomial in the Pontryagin classes appears with a non-zero coefficient, with the expected sign. Similar results hold for the polynomials associated to the A-hat genus.

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Juan Bermejo-Vega Aug 24 2015 09:08 UTC

@John Bryden. Could you use quotes "" or bloquotes > when citing? It improves readability and avoids potential misunderstandings.

Noon van der Silk Aug 22 2015 00:59 UTC

Note that it's not possible to submit papers to SciRate directly; this site simply aggregates information from other sites. However, I've added an issue relating to potentially marking withdrawn papers -

John Bryden Aug 21 2015 22:17 UTC

Aside from the comment above there are other comments that should be made.

A very important comment is this. The fraudulent paper of Ntatin, is quite simply NOT correct.
By this I mean the following: In 1999 Florian Deloup and I began a project that we called "The linking form conjecture for 3-m

John Bryden Aug 21 2015 20:48 UTC

This article submitted by B. Ntatin and W. Glunt was published in a new Journal called Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM for short) in September of 2013. In July 2014 the Journal APM RETRACTED this article. The reason that APM retracted this article to quote the Journal is :

The following arti