Geometric Topology (math.GT)

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    We continue the study of a general class of spaces of 0-cycles on a manifold defined and begun by Farb-Wolfson-Wood. Using work of Gadish on linear subspace arrangements, we obtain representation stability for the cohomology of the ordered version of these spaces. We establish subexponential bounds on the growth of unstable cohomology, and the Grothendieck-Lefschetz trace formula then allows us to translate these topological stability phenomena to stabilization of statistics for spaces of 0-cycles over finite fields. In particular, we show that the average value of certain arithmetic quantities associated to rational maps over finite fields stabilizes as the degree goes to infinity.
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    In this article, we prove a generalization of a theorem of Lisca-Matic to Stein cobordisms. Using this result along with standard techniques from convex surface theory and classifications of tight contact structures on certain 3-manifolds due to Honda, we then classify the contact structures with no Giroux torsion (most of which are Stein fillable) on a certain class of plumbed 3-manifolds that bound non-simply connected 4-manifolds. Moreover, we give descriptions of the Stein fillings.
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    Shapes of four dimensional spaces can be studied effectively via maps to standard surfaces. We explain, and illustrate by quintessential examples, how to simplify such generic maps on 4-manifolds topologically, in order to derive simple decompositions into much better understood manifold pieces. Our methods not only allow us to produce various interesting families of examples, but also to establish a correspondence between simplified broken Lefschetz fibrations and simplified trisections of closed, oriented 4-manifolds.

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Māris Ozols Dec 27 2016 19:34 UTC

What a nice book! And it's available for free on arXiv!

Juan Bermejo-Vega Aug 24 2015 09:08 UTC

@John Bryden. Could you use quotes "" or bloquotes > when citing? It improves readability and avoids potential misunderstandings.

Noon van der Silk Aug 22 2015 00:59 UTC

Note that it's not possible to submit papers to SciRate directly; this site simply aggregates information from other sites. However, I've added an issue relating to potentially marking withdrawn papers -

John Bryden Aug 21 2015 22:17 UTC

Aside from the comment above there are other comments that should be made.

A very important comment is this. The fraudulent paper of Ntatin, is quite simply NOT correct.
By this I mean the following: In 1999 Florian Deloup and I began a project that we called "The linking form conjecture for 3-m

John Bryden Aug 21 2015 20:48 UTC

This article submitted by B. Ntatin and W. Glunt was published in a new Journal called Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM for short) in September of 2013. In July 2014 the Journal APM RETRACTED this article. The reason that APM retracted this article to quote the Journal is :

The following arti