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    In our recent publication we have proposed a new methodology for determination of the two-term Machin-like formula for pi with small arguments of the arctangent function of kind $$ \frac\pi 4 = 2^k - 1\arctan \left( \frac1\beta _1 \right) + \arctan \left( \frac1\beta _2 \right), $$ where $k$ and ${\beta _1}$ are some integers and ${\beta _2}$ is a rational number, dependent upon ${\beta _1}$ and $k$. Although ${1/\left|\beta _2\right|}$ may be significantly smaller than ${1/\beta _1}$, the large numbers in the numerator and denominator of $\beta_2$ decelerate the computation. In this work we show how this problem can be effectively resolved by the Newton--Raphson iteration method.