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    We characterize preserved extreme points of Lipschitz-free spaces over compact metric spaces in terms of triples of points that are metrically aligned in the base space, i.e. that turn the triangle inequality into an equality. In particular, we prove that compact metric spaces are concave if and only if they have no triple of metrically aligned points, giving an affirmative answer to a conjecture of N. Weaver.
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    In the framework of the Laplacian transport, describing by a Robin boundary-valued problem in an exterior domain in R^n , we generalize the definition of the Poincaré-Steklov operator to d-set boundaries, n -- 1 $\le$ d < n , and give its spectral properties to compared to a the spectrum of the interior domain and also to a truncated domain, considered as an approximation of the exterior case. The well-posedness of the Robin boundary-valued problems for the truncated and exterior domains are obtained in the general framework of n-sets.

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Marco Tomamichel Jun 25 2013 05:41 UTC

This is a very nice solution to our (very recent) conjecture. We have in the meantime solved the remaining conjectures and will post an update soon.