Classical Analysis and ODEs (math.CA)

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    We establish pointwise ergodic theorems for operators of Radon type along subsets of prime numbers of the form $\big\{\{ \varphi_1(n)\} < \psi(n)\big\}$. We achieve this by proving $\ell^p(\mathbb{Z})$ boundedness of $r$-variations, where $p > 1$ and $r > 2$.
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    In this note we study the convergence of recursively defined infinite series. We explore the role of the derivative of the defining function at the origin (if it exists), and develop a comparison test for such series which can be used even if the defining function of the series is not differentiable.
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    We extend the notion of general translation operator to exceptional Laguerre polynomials. To this we investigate the associated singular hyperbolic Cauchy problem. We derive a maximum principle with respect to this Cauchy problem and applying it we determine the norm of the translation operator. As an application we give Nikol'skii inequalities with respect to exceptional Laguerre polynomials.
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    In this work, the q-analogue of Bernoulli inequality is proved. Some other related results are presented.

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Barbara Terhal May 29 2016 14:23 UTC

looks like a nice paper. People have looked at how to do wavelets with quantum circuits and i don't see any of these papers referenced, i.e.
so how different are the quantum circuits