Classical Analysis and ODEs (math.CA)

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    In this work we derive some inequalities for fractional boundary value problems, that generalize the well-known de la Vallée Poussin inequality. With our results we also were able to improve the intervals where some Mittag-Leffler functions don't possess real zeros.
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    We present an analysis of existence, uniqueness, and smoothness of the solution to a class of fractional ordinary differential equations posed on the whole real line that models a steady state behavior of a certain anomalous diffusion, advection, and reaction. The anomalous diffusion is modeled by the fractional Riemann-Liouville differential operators. The strong solution of the equation is sought in a Sobolev space defined by means of Fourier Transform. The key component of the analysis hinges on a characterization of this Sobolev space with the Riemann-Liouville derivatives that are understood in a weak sense. The existence, uniqueness, and smoothness of the solution is demonstrated with the assistance of several tools from functional and harmonic analyses.
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    In this paper we establish certain Jacobi theta function identities, from which two q-trigonometric identities of Gosper are deduced. These identities include as special cases some interesting results. As an application, we also give a new proof of Jacobi's four squares theorem.

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Barbara Terhal May 29 2016 14:23 UTC

looks like a nice paper. People have looked at how to do wavelets with quantum circuits and i don't see any of these papers referenced, i.e.
so how different are the quantum circuits