Symbolic Computation (cs.SC)

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    Let $K$ be a field equipped with a valuation. Tropical varieties over $K$ can be defined with a theory of Gröbner bases taking into account the valuation of $K$.Because of the use of the valuation, the theory of tropical Gröbner bases has proved to provide settings for computations over polynomial rings over a $p$-adic field that are more stable than that of classical Gröbner bases.Beforehand, these strategies were only available for homogeneous polynomials. In this article, we extend the F5 strategy to a new definition of tropical Gröbner bases in an affine setting.We provide numerical examples to illustrate time-complexity and $p$-adic stability of this tropical F5 algorithm.We also illustrate its merits as a first step before an FGLM algorithm to compute (classical) lex bases over $p$-adics.