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    In a recent publication in Nature, Wagner & Jonkers (2017) report that public R&D funding is only weakly correlated with the citation impact of a nation's papers as measured by the field-weighted citation index (FWCI; defined by Scopus). On the basis of the supplementary data, we upscaled the design using Web-of-Science data for the decade 2003-2013 and OECD funding data for the corresponding decade assuming a two-year delay (2001-2011). Using negative binomial regression analysis, we find very small coefficients, but the effects of international collaboration are positive and statistically significant, whereas the effects of government funding are negative, an order of magnitude smaller, and statistically non-significant (in two of three analyses). In other words, international collaboration improves the impact of average research papers, whereas more government funding tends to have a small adverse effect when comparing OECD countries.
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    In this work, we conducted a survey on different registration algorithms and investigated their suitability for hyperspectral historical image registration applications. After the evaluation of different algorithms, we choose an intensity based registration algorithm with a curved transformation model. For the transformation model, we select cubic B-splines since they should be capable to cope with all non-rigid deformations in our hyperspectral images. From a number of similarity measures, we found that residual complexity and localized mutual information are well suited for the task at hand. In our evaluation, both measures show an acceptable performance in handling all difficulties, e.g., capture range, non-stationary and spatially varying intensity distortions or multi-modality that occur in our application.

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lucy.vanderwende May 07 2015 16:13 UTC

The authors will want to look at work that Simone Teufel has done, in particular her Argumentative Zoning, which discusses the stance that the paper author takes with respect to the citations in that paper.

Steve Flammia Feb 05 2013 22:31 UTC

Here's our man:
The links on the left are in Arabic, but some of them still have English text when you click through.

He also has an El Naschie-like photo montage of himself posing with famous scientists:

He is a prolific autho

Māris Ozols Feb 05 2013 15:57 UTC

This one is an interesting read...

It provides a novel way of measuring the impact factor and h-index as a percentage. In this way we can compare different journals and authors on an absolute scale! The only drawback is that the new method works only for Arabic journals.

Needless to say, the p

Earl Campbell Feb 06 2013 07:51 UTC

There is certainly some originality in the research of Abdel-Aty. For instance, he seems to be the first person to have gone realised that the concept of entanglement sudden death can be inverted to study entanglement sudden *birth*.

Earl Campbell Feb 06 2013 07:57 UTC

Also, seems that Barry Sanders has had some interaction with this Abdel-Aty before. According to:
Barry used to be managing editor of the AMIS journal, but is no involved in the journal!