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    In this paper, we address the problem for enumerating the number of finite field elements with prescribed trace and co-trace in case of arbitrary characteristic $p$. We show that this problem can be reduced to solving a system of $p-1$ linear equations with matrix of coefficients a slight modification of circulant matrix formed by the Kloosterman sums over the field $\MF_{p}$. The presented approach is illustrated in the cases of characteristic $p = 2,3$ and $5$.

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Steve Flammia Jan 10 2014 08:01 UTC

This paper is an important first step towards making numerical and computational studies more easily checkable and reproducible. Very interesting stuff.

Noon van der Silk Jan 10 2014 16:26 UTC

Interestingly, another thematically-similar paper popped up today - (posting the link here as I assume not many people are subbed to cs.DL)