Lyapunov Exponents for the Intermittent Transition to Chaos


The dependence of the Lyapunov exponent on the closeness parameter, $\epsilon$, in tangent bifurcation systems is investigated. We study and illustrate two averaging procedures for defining Lyapunov exponents in such systems. First, we develop theoretical expressions for an isolated tangency channel in which the Lyapunov exponent is defined on single channel passes. Numerical simulations were done to compare theory to measurement across a range of $\epsilon$ values. Next, as an illustration of defining the Lyapunov exponent on many channel passes, a simulation of the intermittent transition in the logistic map is described. The modified theory for the channels is explained and a simple model for the gate entrance rates is constructed. An important correction due to the discrete nature of the iterative flow is identified and incorporated in an improved model. Realistic fits to the data were made for the Lyapunov exponents from the logistic gate and from the full simulation. A number of additional corrections which could improve the treatment of the gates are identified and briefly discussed.
Submitted 23 Oct 1998 to chao-dyn [chao-dyn]
Published 27 Oct 1998
Subjects: chao-dyn nlin.CD
Author comments: 25 pages LaTeX and 12 separate ps figures
Report no: BU-HEPP-98-01

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