$\lambda \phi^4$ Theory I: The Symmetric Phase Beyond NNNNNNNNLO


Perturbation theory of a large class of scalar field theories in $d<4$ can be shown to be Borel resummable using arguments based on Lefschetz thimbles. As an example we study in detail the $\lambda \phi^4$ theory in two dimensions in the $Z_2$ symmetric phase. We extend the results for the perturbative expansion of several quantities up to N$^8$LO and show how the behavior of the theory at strong coupling can be recovered successfully using known resummation techniques. In particular, we compute the vacuum energy and the mass gap for values of the coupling up to the critical point, where the theory becomes gapless and lies in the same universality class of the 2d Ising model. Several properties of the critical point are determined and agree with known exact expressions. The results are in very good agreement (and with comparable precision) with those obtained by other non-perturbative approaches, such as lattice simulations and Hamiltonian truncation methods.
Submitted 15 May 2018 to High Energy Physics - Theory [hep-th]
Published 16 May 2018
Author comments: 36 pages, 9 figures, 10 tables