Learning universality and scaling from simple deposition models


The teaching of nonequilibrium statistical physics typically requires basic concepts of equilibrium theory and advanced mathematical tools. However, there are some topics mainly concerning athermal systems which may be proposed to students lacking such prerequisites and which offer the possibility to face important ideas and to test them with simple numerical simulations. In this paper we use deposition models to study the kinetic roughening of a growing surface, which allows to introduce the concepts of universality and scaling and to analyze the qualitative and the quantitative role of different parameters. In particular we will focus on two classes of models where the deposition is accompanied by a local relaxation process within a distance $\delta$. All models fall in the Edwards-Wilkinson universality class, but the role of $\delta$ is non-trivial.
Submitted 15 May 2018 to Statistical Mechanics [cond-mat.stat-mech]
Published 16 May 2018
Author comments: Six pages, eight figures, one table