Asymptotics of quantum channels: application to matrix product states


This work derives an analytical formula for the asymptotic state -- the quantum state resulting from an infinite number of applications of a general quantum channel on some initial state. For channels admitting multiple fixed or rotating points, conserved quantities -- the left fixed/rotating points of the channel -- determine the dependence of the asymptotic state on the initial state. The analytical formula stems from results regarding conserved quantities, including the fact that, for any channel admitting a full-rank fixed point, conserved quantities commute with that channel's Kraus operators up to a phase. In the same way that asymptotic states depend on initial states, the thermodynamic limit of (noninjective) matrix product states (MPS) depends on the MPS boundary conditions. Expectation values of local observables in such MPS are calculated in the thermodynamic limit, showing that effects due to the interaction of "twisted" boundary conditions with decaying bond degrees of freedom can persist. It is shown that one can eliminate all decaying bond degrees of freedom and calculate the same expectation values using mixtures of MPS with reduced bond dimension and multiple boundary conditions.
Submitted 28 Feb 2018 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 2 Mar 2018
Author comments: 11 pages