Magic state parity-checker with pre-distilled components


Magic states are eigenstates of non-Pauli operators. One way of suppressing errors present in magic states is to perform parity measurements in their non-Pauli eigenbasis and postselect on even parity. Here we develop new protocols based on non-Pauli parity checking, where the measurements are implemented with the aid of pre-distilled multiqubit resource states. This leads to a two step process: pre-distillation of multiqubit resource states, followed by implementation of the parity check. These protocols can prepare single-qubit magic states that enable direct injection of single-qubit axial rotations without subsequent gate-synthesis and its associated overhead. We show our protocols are more efficient than all previous comparable protocols with quadratic error reduction, including the protocols of Bravyi and Haah.
Submitted 7 Sep 2017 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 8 Sep 2017
Updated 22 Feb 2018
Author comments: V3: Authors final copy accepted to Quantum, V2: also includes proof that no triorthogonal code exists with fewer than 14 qubits