Extended Nonlocal Games from Quantum-Classical Games


Several variants of nonlocal games have been considered in the study of quantum entanglement and nonlocality. This paper concerns two of these variants, called quantum-classical games and extended nonlocal games. We give a construction of an extended nonlocal game from any quantum-classical game that allows one to translate certain facts concerning quantum- classical games to extended nonlocal games. In particular, based on work of Regev and Vidick, we conclude that there exist extended nonlocal games for which no finite-dimensional entangled strategy can be optimal. While this conclusion is a direct consequence of recent work of Slofstra, who proved a stronger, analogous result for ordinary (non-extended) nonlocal games, the proof based on our construction is considerably simpler, and the construction itself might potentially have other applications in the study of entanglement and nonlocality.
Submitted 5 Sep 2017 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 7 Sep 2017
Author comments: 11 pages