An Elementary Proof of Private Random Number Generation from Bell Inequalities


The field of device-independent quantum cryptography has seen enormous success in the past several years, including security proofs for key distribution and random number generation that account for arbitrary imperfections in the devices used. Full security proofs in the field so far are long and technically deep. In this paper we show that the concept of the mirror adversary can be used to simplify device-independent proofs. We give a short proof that any bipartite Bell violation can be used to generate private random numbers. The proof is based on elementary techniques and is self-contained.
Submitted 20 Jul 2017 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 21 Jul 2017
Author comments: 6 pages. Comments welcome

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Stefano Pirandola Jul 21 2017 09:43 UTC

This is very interesting. In my reading list!