Fibonacci-Lucas SIC-POVMs


We present a conjectured family of SIC-POVMs which have an additional symmetry group whose size is growing with the dimension. The symmetry group is related to Fibonacci numbers, while the dimension is related to Lucas numbers. The conjecture is supported by exact solutions for dimensions d=4,8,19,48,124,323, as well as a numerical solution for dimension d=844.
Submitted 10 Jul 2017 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 11 Jul 2017
Updated 21 Sep 2017
Author comments: The fiducial vectors can be obtained from as well as from the source files. v2: precision for the numerical solution in dimension 844 increased to 150 digits and new exact solution for dimension 323 added

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Blake Stacey Jul 11 2017 16:27 UTC (1 points)

Eight hundred forty-four!