Separability of diagonal symmetric states: a quadratic conic optimization problem


We study the separability problem in mixtures of Dicke states i.e., the separability of the so-called Diagonal Symmetric (DS) states. First, we show that separability in the case of DS in $C^d\otimes C^d$ (symmetric qudits) can be reformulated as a quadratic conic optimization problem. This connection allows us to exchange concepts and ideas between quantum information and this field of mathematics. For instance, copositive matrices can be understood as indecomposable entanglement witnesses for DS states. As a consequence, we show that positivity of the partial transposition (PPT) is sufficient and necessary for separability of DS states for $d \leq 4$. Furthermore, for $d \geq 5$, we provide analytic examples of PPT-entangled states. Second, we develop new sufficient separability conditions beyond the PPT criterion for bipartite DS states. Finally, we focus on $N$-partite DS qubits, where PPT is known to be necessary and sufficient for separability. In this case, we present a family of almost DS states that are PPT with respect to each partition but nevertheless entangled.
Submitted 28 Jun 2017 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 30 Jun 2017
Updated 28 Dec 2017
Author comments: 31 pages (17 + appendices), 4 figures. Version accepted for publication in Quantum