Multiscale Structure of More-than-Binary Variables


In earlier work, my colleagues and I developed a formalism for using information theory to understand scales of organization and structure in multi-component systems. One prominent theme of that work was that the structure of a system cannot always be decomposed into pairwise relationships. In this brief communication, I refine that formalism to address recent examples which bring out that theme in a novel and subtle way. After summarizing key points of earlier papers, I introduce the crucial new concept of an ancilla component, and I apply this refinement of our formalism to illustrative examples. The goals of this brief communication are, first, to show how a simple scheme for constructing ancillae can be useful in bringing out subtleties of structure, and second, to compare this scheme with another recent proposal in the same genre.
Submitted 10 May 2017 to Statistical Mechanics [cond-mat.stat-mech]
Published 12 May 2017
Updated 14 Jun 2017
Author comments: 8 pages, 0 figures, 1 term from quantum information theory reappropriated for classical ends; v2: expansions and edits in response to feedback