Tracking Urban Human Activity from Mobile Phone Calling Patterns


Human activity in big cities follows daily rhythms by being entrained to different exogenous clocks. Here we exploit the large-scale data analysis techniques to study the calling activity in highly populated cities to infer the dynamics of urban daily rhythms. From the calling patterns of one million users spread over different cities but lying inside the same time-zone, we show that the onset and termination of the calling activity synchronizes with the east-west progression of the sun. We also find that the onset and termination of the calling activity of users follows a yearly dynamics, varying across seasons, and that its timings are entrained to the solar midnight. Furthermore, we show that the average mid-sleep time of people living in the urban areas depends on the age and gender of each cohort as a result of biological and social factors.
Submitted 20 Apr 2017 to Physics and Society [physics.soc-ph]
Published 21 Apr 2017
Author comments: This manuscript includes and extends content from our old manuscript "Seasonal and geographical influence on sleeping patterns inferred from mobile phone data", which was split into two parts due to its length and new investigations added