A Fuzzy Brute Force Matching Method for Binary Image Features


Matching of binary image features is an important step in many different computer vision applications. Conventionally, an arbitrary threshold is used to identify a correct match from incorrect matches using Hamming distance which may improve or degrade the matching results for different input images. This is mainly due to the image content which is affected by the scene, lighting and imaging conditions. This paper presents a fuzzy logic based approach for brute force matching of image features to overcome this situation. The method was tested using a well-known image database with known ground truth. The approach is shown to produce a higher number of correct matches when compared against constant distance thresholds. The nature of fuzzy logic which allows the vagueness of information and tolerance to errors has been successfully exploited in an image processing context. The uncertainty arising from the imaging conditions has been overcome with the use of compact fuzzy matching membership functions.
Submitted 20 Apr 2017 to Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition [cs.CV]
Published 21 Apr 2017