Cubic Fields: A Primer


We classify all cubic extensions of any field of arbitrary characteristic, up to isomorphism, via an explicit construction involving three fundamental types of cubic forms. We deduce a classification of any Galois cubic extension of a field. The splitting and ramification of places in a separable cubic extension of any global function field are completely determined, and precise Riemann-Hurwitz formulae are given. In doing so, we determine the decomposition of any cubic polynomial over a finite field.
Submitted 18 Mar 2017 to Number Theory [math.NT]
Published 21 Mar 2017
Updated 30 Apr 2017
Author comments: 47 pages. Correction to Theorem 1.2(2)
Msc class: 11T22 (primary), 11R32, 11R16, 11T55, 11R58 (secondary)