Fully Mechanized Proofs of Dilworths Theorem and Mirskys Theorem


We present two fully mechanized proofs of Dilworths and Mirskys theorems in the Coq proof assistant. Dilworths Theorem states that in any finite partially ordered set (poset), the size of a smallest chain cover and a largest antichain are the same. Mirskys Theorem is a dual of Dilworths Theorem. We formalize the proofs by Perles [2] (for Dilworths Theorem) and by Mirsky [5] (for the dual theorem). We also come up with a library of definitions and facts that can be used as a framework for formalizing other theorems on finite posets.
Submitted 17 Mar 2017 to Logic in Computer Science [cs.LO]
Published 20 Mar 2017
Subjects: cs.LO cs.DM