Majorana representation, qutrit Hilbert space and NMR implementation of qutrit gates


We use the Majorana geometrical representation for a qutrit, where a pair of points on a unit sphere represents its quantum states. A canonical form for qutrit states is presented, where every qutrit state can be obtained from a one-parameter family of states via $SO(3)$ action. The notion of spin-1 magnetization which is invariant under $SO(3)$, is discussed and geometrically interpreted on the Majorana sphere. We study the dynamics of the pair of points representing a qutrit state under various useful quantum operations and connect them to different NMR operations. In our scheme, the rigid rotation of this pair of points under $SO(3)$ corresponds to non-selective pulses in NMR, while transition-selective NMR pulses are generated by the eight generators of $SU(3)$ and typically lead to the movement of only one point at a time on the Majorana sphere. Using the Majorana picture, we also describe the action of several quantum gates and the insights gained, are used to perform experiments on a spin-1 system (the NMR qutrit) oriented in a liquid crystalline environment. Finally, using the Gell Mann matrix picture we describe and experimentally implement a scheme for complete qutrit state tomography.
Submitted 17 Mar 2017 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 20 Mar 2017
Author comments: 11 pages 11 figures Revtex 4-1