Optimal control of two qubits via a single cavity drive in circuit quantum electrodynamics


Optimization of the fidelity of control operations is of critical importance in the pursuit of fault-tolerant quantum computation. We apply optimal control techniques to demonstrate that a single drive via the cavity in circuit quantum electrodynamics can implement a high-fidelity two-qubit all-microwave gate that directly entangles the qubits via the mutual qubit-cavity couplings. This is performed by driving at one of the qubits' frequencies which generates a conditional two-qubit gate, but will also generate other spurious interactions. These optimal control techniques are used to find pulse shapes that can perform this two-qubit gate with high fidelity, robust against errors in the system parameters. The simulations were all performed using experimentally relevant parameters and constraints.
Submitted 17 Mar 2017 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 20 Mar 2017
Updated 19 Apr 2017
Author comments: Final published version
Journal ref: Phys. Rev. A 95, 042325 (2017)
Doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.95.042325
Scited by: Ben Criger