On Quantisations, Quasi-probabilities and the Weak Value


We propose a general framework of the quantum/quasi-classical transformations by introducing the concept of quasi-joint-spectral distribution (QJSD). Specifically, we show that the QJSDs uniquely yield various pairs of quantum/quasi-classical transformations, including the Wigner-Weyl transform. We also discuss the statistical behaviour of combinations of generally non-commutin quantum observables by introducing the concept of quantum correlations and conditional expectations defined analogously to the classical counterpart. Based on these, Aharonov's weak value is given a statistical interpretation as one realisation of the quantum conditional expectations furnished in our formalism.
Submitted 17 Mar 2017 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 20 Mar 2017
Updated 13 Apr 2017
Author comments: 35 pages
Report no: KEK-TH-1962