Causal Inference through the Method of Direct Estimation


The intersection of causal inference and machine learning is a rapidly advancing field. We propose a new approach, the method of direct estimation, that draws on both traditions in order to obtain nonparametric estimates of treatment effects. The approach focuses on estimating the effect of fluctuations in a treatment variable on an outcome. A tensor-spline implementation enables rich interactions between functional bases allowing for the approach to capture treatment/covariate interactions. We show how new innovations in Bayesian sparse modeling readily handle the proposed framework, and then document its performance in simulation and applied examples. Furthermore we show how the method of direct estimation can easily extend to structural estimators commonly used in a variety of disciplines, like instrumental variables, mediation analysis, and sequential g-estimation.
Submitted 16 Mar 2017 to Machine Learning [stat.ML]
Published 20 Mar 2017
Updated 1 Apr 2017
Subjects: stat.ML stat.ME
Author comments: Unpublished manuscript
Msc class: 62G08, 46N30, 62P20, 62P25