Weak unique continuation property and a related inverse source problem for time-fractional diffusion-advection equations


In this paper, we first establish a weak unique continuation property for time-fractional diffusion-advection equations. The proof is mainly based on the Laplace transform and the unique continuation properties for elliptic and parabolic equations. The result is weaker than its parabolic counterpart in the sense that we additionally impose the homogeneous boundary condition. As a direct application, we prove the uniqueness for an inverse problem on determining the spatial component in the source term in by interior measurements. Numerically, we reformulate our inverse source problem as an optimization problem, and propose an iteration thresholding algorithm. Finally, several numerical experiments are presented to show the accuracy and efficiency of the algorithm.
Submitted 20 Jul 2016 to Analysis of PDEs [math.AP]
Published 21 Jul 2016
Author comments: 20 pages, 2 figures
Msc class: 35R11, 26A33, 35R30