Analysis and Optimization of Caching and Multicasting in Large-Scale Cache-Enabled Heterogeneous Wireless Networks


Heterogeneous wireless networks (HetNets) provide a powerful approach to meet the dramatic mobile traffic growth, but also impose a significant challenge on backhaul. Caching and multicasting at macro and pico base stations (BSs) are two promising methods to support massive content delivery and reduce backhaul load in HetNets. In this paper, we jointly consider caching and multicasting in a large-scale cache-enabled HetNet with backhaul constraints. We propose a hybrid caching design consisting of identical caching in the macro-tier and random caching in the pico-tier, and a corresponding multicasting design. By carefully handling different types of interferers and adopting appropriate approximations, we derive tractable expressions for the successful transmission probability in the general region as well as the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and user density region, utilizing tools from stochastic geometry. Then, we consider the successful transmission probability maximization by optimizing the design parameters, which is a very challenging mixed discrete-continuous optimization problem due to the sophisticated structure of the successful transmission probability. By using optimization techniques and exploring the structural properties, we obtain a near optimal solution with superior performance and manageable complexity. This solution achieves better performance in the general region than any asymptotically optimal solution, under a mild condition. The analysis and optimization results provide valuable design insights for practical cache-enabled HetNets.
Submitted 3 Apr 2016 to Information Theory [cs.IT]
Published 5 Apr 2016
Updated 8 Apr 2016
Subjects: cs.IT math.IT
Author comments: 37 pages, 7 figures. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1512.06176