Quantum metrology with full and fast quantum control


We establish general limits on how precise a parameter, e.g. frequency or the strength of a magnetic field, can be estimated with the aid of full and fast quantum control. We consider uncorrelated noisy evolutions of N qubits and show that fast control allows to fully restore the Heisenberg scaling (~1/N^2) for all rank-one Pauli noise except dephasing. For all other types of noise the asymptotic quantum enhancement is unavoidably limited to a constant-factor improvement over the standard quantum limit (~1/N) even when allowing for the full power of fast control. The latter holds both in the single-shot and infinitely-many repetitions scenarios. However, even in this case allowing for fast quantum control helps to increase the improvement factor. Furthermore, for frequency estimation with finite resource we show how a parallel scheme utilizing any fixed number of entangled qubits but no fast quantum control can be outperformed by a simple, easily implementable, sequential scheme which only requires entanglement between one sensing and one auxiliary qubit.
Submitted 29 Mar 2016 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 31 Mar 2016
Updated 5 Sep 2017
Author comments: 17 pages, 7 figures, 6 appendices