Quantum Computation with Topological Codes: from qubit to topological fault-tolerance


This is a comprehensive review on fault-tolerant topological quantum computation with the surface codes. The basic concepts and useful tools underlying fault-tolerant quantum computation, such as universal quantum computation, stabilizer formalism, and measurement-based quantum computation, are also provided in a pedagogical way. Topological quantum computation by brading the defects on the surface code is explained in both circuit-based and measurement-based models in such a way that their relation is clear. The interdisciplinary connections between quantum error correction codes and subjects in other fields such as topological order in condensed matter physics and spin glass models in statistical physics are also discussed. This manuscript will be appeared in SpringerBriefs.
Submitted 7 Apr 2015 to Quantum Physics [quant-ph]
Published 8 Apr 2015
Author comments: 155 pages, 133 figures, this manuscript will be appeared in SpringerBriefs, comments are welcome