A formally verified proof of the Central Limit Theorem


We describe a proof of the Central Limit Theorem that has been formally verified in the Isabelle proof assistant. Our formalization builds upon and extends Isabelle's libraries for analysis and measure-theoretic probability. The proof of the theorem uses characteristic functions, which are a kind of Fourier transform, to demonstrate that, under suitable hypotheses, sums of random variables converge weakly to the standard normal distribution. We also discuss the libraries and infrastructure that supported the formalization, and reflect on some of the lessons we have learned from the effort.
Submitted 27 May 2014 to Mathematical Software [cs.MS]
Published 28 May 2014
Updated 1 Feb 2017
Subjects: cs.MS cs.LO math.PR
Msc class: 60F05, 03B35

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Zoltán Zimborás May 28 2014 04:42 UTC (2 points)

It's a bit funny to look at a formally verified proof of the CLT :), here it is online: