On Performance Analysis of AMBR Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Due to mobility of nodes in ad hoc networks, the most challenging issue is to design and to make sound analysis of a routing protocol that determines its robustness to deliver packets in low routing packet overhead. In this paper, we thoroughly analyzed the Adaptive Monitor Based Routing (AMBR) protocol by varying different parameters that affect a routing protocol to measure its performance. Analysis shows that it requires less routing control overhead comparing with other prevalent routing protocols. An improved analytical model is also presented in this paper. All these analyses firmly prove that AMBR is a sound and robust protocol in terms of flooding, routing overhead and hence, enhances reliability.
Submitted 3 Mar 2013 to Networking and Internet Architecture [cs.NI]
Published 5 Mar 2013
Journal ref: IIUM Engineering Journal, Vol 11, No.2, pp.240-254, [ISSN: 1511-788X] (2010)