Delaunay Edge Flips in Dense Surface Triangulations


Delaunay flip is an elegant, simple tool to convert a triangulation of a point set to its Delaunay triangulation. The technique has been researched extensively for full dimensional triangulations of point sets. However, an important case of triangulations which are not full dimensional is surface triangulations in three dimensions. In this paper we address the question of converting a surface triangulation to a subcomplex of the Delaunay triangulation with edge flips. We show that the surface triangulations which closely approximate a smooth surface with uniform density can be transformed to a Delaunay triangulation with a simple edge flip algorithm. The condition on uniformity becomes less stringent with increasing density of the triangulation. If the condition is dropped completely, the flip algorithm still terminates although the output surface triangulation becomes "almost Delaunay" instead of exactly Delaunay.
Submitted 12 Dec 2007 to Computational Geometry [cs.CG]
Published 13 Dec 2007
Subjects: cs.CG cs.DS
Author comments: This paper is prelude to "Maintaining Deforming Surface Meshes" by Cheng-Dey in SODA 2008