Electron Beam Dynamics in 4GLS


Studies of the electron beam dynamics for the 4GLS design are presented. 4GLS will provide three different electron bunch trains to a variety of user synchrotron sources. The 1 kHz XUV-FEL and 100 mA High Average Current branches share a common 540 MeV linac, whilst the 13 MHz IR-FEL must be well-synchronised to them. An overview of the injector designs, electron transport, and energy recovery is given, including ongoing studies of coherent synchrotron radiation, beam break-up and wakefields. This work is being pursued for the forthcoming Technical Design Report due in 2008.
Submitted 1 Oct 2007 to Accelerator Physics [physics.acc-ph]
Published 2 Oct 2007
Author comments: 3 pp. Presented at Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC 07), Albuquerque, New Mexico, 25-29 Jun 2007
Report no: Cockcroft-07-12
Journal ref: Conf.Proc.C070625:1103,2007