Direct Optimization of Ranking Measures


Web page ranking and collaborative filtering require the optimization of sophisticated performance measures. Current Support Vector approaches are unable to optimize them directly and focus on pairwise comparisons instead. We present a new approach which allows direct optimization of the relevant loss functions. This is achieved via structured estimation in Hilbert spaces. It is most related to Max-Margin-Markov networks optimization of multivariate performance measures. Key to our approach is that during training the ranking problem can be viewed as a linear assignment problem, which can be solved by the Hungarian Marriage algorithm. At test time, a sort operation is sufficient, as our algorithm assigns a relevance score to every (document, query) pair. Experiments show that the our algorithm is fast and that it works very well.
Submitted 25 Apr 2007 to Information Retrieval [cs.IR]
Published 26 Apr 2007
Subjects: cs.IR cs.AI